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Radon-Thermal Vapour Bath • Gerhard Röck
Public Therapy Department
Bad Gastein - Gastein Valley - Austria
Tel. +43 6434 6127 | Fax: +43 6432 722727

Recommendation of the Gastein Dunstbad


  • Using the combined therapy of the Radon Vapor bath and a rest period followed by an intense massage I get the best pain relief for my Morbus Bechterew malady . Since 6 years I visit the Gastein Dunstbad frequently twice a year with 5-6 applications each. Although I suffer from ankylosing spondylitis since many years I found this efficient and pleasant therapy rather late. In this therapy fresh radon and activated water vapor from the Elisabeth source are guided in a cabin that encloses the whole body but not the head. This allows breathing fresh air while the radon diffuses into the body. After 20-30 min of intense Radon exposure at 37° I reach a high degree of relaxation and pain relief afterwards. The therapeutic effects are even intensified and prolonged by the well performed massage by Mr Röck. Therefore I can strongly recommend the therapy at the Gastein Dunstbad for all patients suffering from rheumatic diseases.

G. Kraft, Darmstadt