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Radon-Thermal Vapour Bath • Gerhard Röck
Public Therapy Department
Bad Gastein - Gastein Valley - Austria
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Bad Gastein Radon Thermal Vapour Bath

Eine Besonderheit von Bad Gastein ist das Radon-Thermaldampfbad im Zentrum des Ortes, das unter der ärztlichen Leitung von  Dr. Martin Mayerhofer betrieben wird. Diese erfolgreiche Radontherapie wird hier seit 1825 durchgeführt. Der Thermalwasserdampf gelangt durch den Quellenstollen Quelle IX (Elisabethquelle) in einem Schachtsystem direkt zu den Kastenbädern.

The Bad Gastein radon thermal vapour bath is a public health spa run under medical supervision. The thermal vapour bath is particularly suitable for people with reduced mobility. Since both the duration of the bath time and the temperature of the bath (between 32.5 and 41.5C) can be adjusted to the specific needs of the guests, this offers patients with weak circulation the opportunity to receive the optimum radion thermal treatment.

The vapour bath differs from the healing cave therapy with a gentler heating of the body and a shorter duration. The radon content is almost identical. "Cave-light". Vapour baths are a very effective spa treatment. The healing power of the spring vapour rising from the Gastein thermal springs has been recognised for centuries.

Opening times:
MON| WEDN |FRI from 8 am to 12 pm and 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
TUES | THUR 8 am to 12 pm and afternoons by appointment
SAT 8 am to 11 am

Natural Vapour Bath

Healing Steam

The therapeutic principle of box baths is a highly intense absorption of radon, which is possible without putting any stress on the cardiovascular system and can also be individually adapted to each spa guest, something which cannot be achieved with the thermal load in the baths or healing cave. Tried and tested a thousandfold since 1784.

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Radon Therapy

What is radon & how does work?

Radon is an inert gas with no reciprocal effect which can easily be absorbed through the skin or the lungs. The radon is then distributed through the bloodstream and by diffusion throughout the body, and can thus reach the centres of inflammation in patients, where it can unfold its healing effect.

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In the centre of Bad Gastein

Our vapour bath is located right in the centre of Bad Gastein - just a few steps from the famous waterfall and St. Preims Church.

Parking is available in the immediate vicinity. Public buses on the Lackner route run regularly and go right past our vapour bath.

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